Dec 27, 2007

top twelve posts of 2007

It's the end of December, time for self-evaluation and top ten lists. Why not combine the two? Here are the 12 best decorabilia moments of 2007, as chosen by yours truly. As far as I can tell, there's no obvious pattern in my choices. Maybe that's the pattern.

January: when the truth isn't true enough: We Are Marshall
Apparently this season's WAM is "The Great Debaters."

February: I choose Jesus
Word is, it made my mom laugh.

March: least realistic movie about gangs spurs attempt to reduce real gang violence
Sometimes bloggers are criticized for criticizing, rather than digging up, the news. But some stories should just stay buried.

April: new wine in old wineskins
I'm still not settled on an opinion.

May: you shall know them by their decorabilia
That about sums up my life philosophy.

June: Walt Whitman, idiot?

July: cuffing the language police
We don't have to lose friends over grammar.

August: virtual morality, virtual ontology
In which I map out the Canny Valley of Intelligent Design.

September: Brian Baird comes to CHS: a decorabilia liveblog exclusive
The media event of the school year so far.

October: dream trio with tacky tie duet
The title is self-explanatory, mostly.

November: "blue ghost" spooks the stupid
Sad. Truly sad.

December: how to debate without sounding like a jerk
Note to self: practice what you preach.

Update: Mark Olson lists his most-commented-upon top 12.


Vid said...

I liked the december one.

Im in New york State debate. I attended bx science and moved to nfa. And the new freshmens in the school are very bad, speaker points wise.

Now i tend to sound agressive when my opponent sounds like an inconfident im going to cry type of person, so i always loose speaker points because my judge is usually a parent judge and likes my opponent because he seems sad-er .

its wierd, and there is this boy in a wheelchair, suprisingly hes not good at debate as a whole, but simply because we have to feel bad for him he wins most debates, now i understand that , and i do feel bad for him, but i feel its quite bias

and im trying to find a variety of opinions and views on the new topic

and would appreciate a comment on my new blog.
thanks =D

Anonymous said...

Used your list idea on OlyBlog: Your Assignment.

Thanks for the inspiration and for a year of good reading.