Mar 29, 2007

least realistic movie about gangs spurs attempt to reduce real gang violence

Mere moments after the debut of The Onion News Network, it's obsolete, completely overtaken by stupidism in the real world.
Anna Laszlo, wife of Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, said the idea to use "West Side Story" to ignite discussions about youth violence hit her last year while watching the 1961 film version of the musical. She told Kerlikowske and approached top officials at the 5th Avenue Theatre, where Laszlo, a criminal-justice consultant, is a board member. She said her husband and top administrators at the theater helped make her idea happen....

The teens who attend the workshop will watch scenes from the film before talking about gang prevention, cultural diversity and youth interaction with police, Bogucki said. The final workshop will include Seattle police officers doing a role reversal with teenage participants.
I hope and pray that nascent gang members find the prancing and dancing so disarming that their brains fall out. Otherwise, we'll be overwhelmed by an epidemic of finger-snapping violence. God help us all.

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