Oct 12, 2007

dream trio with a tacky tie duet

Some of us, unlike Josh, have strange and wonderful dreams all the time.

1. I'm teaching a class of students I've had before. In the middle of calling roll, I realize that I can't remember one girl's name. She becomes furious, and I lose it: I begin weeping, begging for the class's forgiveness.

2. My wife and I are driving somewhere in a rental car with a CD player. She wants to put in a No Doubt disc, even though I'm happily listening to opera on the radio. I can't get mad, though, since when she enters the CD, the player magically fuses both. "Sunday Morning" needs an orchestra mash-up to go from good to genius.

3. My parents buy me a new (used) car, and slip a $50 bill in an envelope on the dashboard, with a note that says to "get frequent oil changes." No time like the present, so I take it to a shady $9.99-per-change establishment on Olympia's west side. I meet the owner in a barren side office, where he promises to personally handle the work. I pace throughout the lobby, waiting for a change that never comes.

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Ariel said...

For some reason I skipped the title and the intro and began reading at #1. Boy was I confused...