Nov 14, 2007

"blue ghost" spooks the stupid

I'm sorry, but this is just dumb.

It's a friggin' bug, crawling across a lens, out-of-focus and off-color. It moves like a bug, looks like a bug, and is bug-sized, at least relative to its distance from the camera. (Notice how the camera turns the red "news" "reporter's" jacket blue, too.) I don't have a whole lotta faith in the (anonymous? unknown?) witnesses who "saw" the blue glow outside the station, either. The guy walking by the car, when the ghost "lands" on the window, doesn't even bat an eye. You'd think he'd be freaking out.

If attendant Abuzahrieh had torn himself away from his monitor for even thirty seconds, and looked outside to see the bug on the camera, no story.

Is it just that time of year again?

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