Dec 24, 2008

the second cousin of the mother of all top ten lists

[An annual tradition. Installments from 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 also available.]

Top Ten Top Ten-ish Lists
Slate's 10 most popular articles, including a 67-post breakdown of the last (and weakest, sadly) season of the greatest drama ever dramaed. (Itself including a top-13 scenes list.)
The year's best music from Slate and The Onion AV Club.
Best films, from the latter.
Weird holiday decorations. (Best: Flying Spaghetti Monster.)
Top ten nerdy neologisms
Top ten TED talks. (A repeat, and worth it.)
Top Ten Objects That Have Flown in Space
Top Ten Scams of 2008
Top Ten Media Blunders (only ten?)
National Geographic's most-viewed galleries of 2008.

Ten Favorite Posts from 2008
yelling "shush" in a crowded theater
Sometimes I talk too much. This was not one of those times.
our long National Board nightmare is over
I have dreams.
the email address personality test
Science tells you more about yourself than you really wish to know.
the caped crusader strikes out
My mother makes an appearance.
Psalm 139:13-16, the Albert Mohler translation
A flight of literary imagination.
summer of film
Somehow it turned into a summer of Verhoeven.
color me evil
The world's most amazing paint job.
Olympia City Council adopts my "door prize democracy" scheme
My power knows no bounds.
Olympia, late summer
Jabberin' Joe vs. Baked Alaska: the VP debate liveblog
I liveblogged so you didn't have to.

Even More Top Ten Lists That Don't Yet Exist
Do-It-Yourself Home Surgery Projects
Rejected Titles for the George W. Bush Autobiography
Dead Newspapers
Ways to Cash In on an Obama Presidency
Sylvester Stallone Appearances
Cover Bands
Uses of Metonymy
Sculptures Inspired by Balloon Animals
Sarah Palins

Movies Coming Out in 2009
Frank Miller's Mary Worth
Batman Growls
The Amazing Plot Device (starring Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler)
Rocky IX
Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom
Le Silence Maladroit
The Vegetarian Murders
A Bottle Full of Quirk
Recession Movie

Words To Avoid on a First Date

The Most Important News Items of 2008, Actually
Barack Obama's Martian Birth Certificate a Forgery
Texting During Mass Added to List of Venial Sins
Yankees Buy Out Elliot Spitzer's Contract
You Are Now an iPhone App
Gatsby Murdered; Deranged Husband, Falling Stocks Implicated
B-Listers Strike
Endangered Animals Hope for Short Recession
Tina Fey, Politician of the Year
Rock Band II: Disastrous Breakup Hits Shelves
Christmas Canceled Due to Lack of Interest

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TeacherRefPoet said...

I'm happily married, of course. But if, in my single days, a date had uttered the sentence: "Zounds! Perhaps you'd enjoy an abecedarian smooch?" I'd have been smitten. If for no other reason than to enjoy smooches from A to Z.