Dec 24, 2008

asking Americans questions about Canada

The following six questions provide an easy way to gauge an American's knowledge of Canada. Any American who gets more than five right is a Canadian ex-pat.

(You'll have to do your own research for the answers, eh.)

1. What's the largest state in Canada?
2. Who's the president of Canada?
3. Which is worth more: the American dollar, or the Canadian pound?
4. True or False: Canada's national anthem is "Take Off."
5. Fill in the blank: French fries, Belgian waffles, Canadian ____________.
6. How many centimeters are in a metric tonne?

[155th in a series]


Emmett said...

1. Herby declare "my snowy back yard" to be largest state in Canada. It will also be the first and only state in Canada, whose previous political subdivisions were called "provinces."

2. In line of declaring political subdivisions of Canada, I also declare myself to be President of the entire nation. The previous head-o-state was a prime minister, or some such parliamentarian weakling.

3. I should cash in the Canadian pounds in my pillow case. They might be worth something along the line of a Canadian dollar now. Under my regime that is.

4. True. Which means we can stop singing "O Canada, our home and native land." Why would the national anthem of Canada be written by someone from Quebec anyway. Sounds like a dirty French plot to me.

5. Canadian stupid french fries covered in gravy. Or whiskey.

6. Centipedes in a metric tonne? Millions. Though I might have read that wrong after building myself up for the last question. Or, one is a measure of length, the other weight.

Jim Anderson said...


Emmett said...

I'm never going to let you back in Canada with that attitude Anderson.

Your President,

Captain Princess said...

1. There are no states.
2. There are no presidents.
3. There are no pounds.
4. Maybe. Eh.
5. Natural resources.
6. 2002. The Canadian centimetre is shrunk slightly by being so close to true north.

Aaron said...

Here are some questions I do actually have:

1. Can Canada do anything without the Queen's approval yet?

2. When is Canada slated to finally get FM radio? They've shown they can handle AM.

3. Why on earth did the frenchies in Canada invent Poutine? It haunts my dreams at night.

4. What is a better way to describe Canada:
(a) America's Little Brother?
(b) America's Hat?

5. What is wrong with this sentence:
"He gave me less apples than my brother, eh?"

Anonymous said...

1. Don't have states.
2. Don't have a president.
3. Canadians use dollars, and they're more than ours (America's).
4. False
5. Fill in the blank: French fries, Belgian waffles, Canadian bacon.
6. If tonne=ton, then centimeters can't be in tons. Tons=weight, centimeters=distance

Annette said...

Anonymous - Just so you know, Canadians don't call it Canadian bacon. We just call it back bacon. Americans are the only ones
I've ever heard refer to it as Canadian bacon. We also don't all love hockey and beer. And most of us have never seen an igloo. :)