Dec 22, 2006

gift-off: Nintendo Wii vs. Yevgeny Zamyatin's We

Nintendo Wii

"What is Wii? Quite simply, Wii is fun."

Availability: Limited. Nerds with the wherewithal, spiritually and fiscally, to stand in line for hours, if not days, are the only ones guaranteed access.

Price: $249 and up.

Coolness Factor: Medium. Reduced by the fact that your mom wants one.

Warnings: May result in muscle tears, "Wii hand," or blurred vision. Not for the lackadaisical.

Yevgeny Zamyatin's We

"One of the great novels of the twentieth century."

Availability: Sold in quality bookstores everywhere. No mad rushes, no lines, no threats of mugging.

Price: $11.20 new.

Coolness Factor: High. A definite subway read. A hipster 1984.

Warnings: May result in depression, fear of technocracy, or literateurism.

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