Nov 30, 2006

the Nintendo Wii is no longer cool

In the midst of a conversation over coffee, chewing on a chocolate chip cookie, I nearly spat it all over the tablecloth when, unprovoked, my mother blurted out, "That Nintendo Wii is soooo much fun!"

I checked my Apocalypse Calendar as she continued, "Never mind the oogly-boogly games--Zelda and whatnot--there's bowling and baseball and tennis!"

Yes, friends: my mom has played with a Nintendo Wii, and pronounced it good. Hope you kept your receipt.


Cathy said...

Oh come'll have fun playing it too...

The little sister... said...

This made me giggle....It's true..she did have fun... :)

And Cathy is also'll have fun playing it too. Wait until YOUR Wii age is 72! You'll want to improve :)

I'm excited to see you, brother!