Feb 10, 2009

sweet gig redux

Two weeks ago, Capital closed when snow dusted the roof. I was gone, so my sub had a sweet gig: teach half a class for a day's pay.

It happened again.

I was sick this morning, just like yesterday, so I drove to CHS at 6:00 to print out a sub plan, check yesterday's report and assess the room for damage, and then return to bed. I noticed the sky had that impending snow look--a threatening blanket of low clouds--and watched my windshield in agitation as I approached the West Side. Tiny flecks began turning into bona fide snowflakes.

I completed the plan anyway, knowing in my heart that it was probably futile, but not wanting to hang a sub out to dry, even for one period. I drove back home, tried to sleep again. No luck. Came out to the living room and checked the day's news, ate a little breakfast, checked my email, and prepped for Wednesday.

And, of course, about 10 minutes ago CHS announced another closure.

And, of course, I missed it.

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