Jan 27, 2009

Capital closed again; I miss most of the fun

This morning, I went with a group of CHS teachers to observe at Bush Middle School in Tumwater. We braved the snow and ice to watch eighth-grade classes in action, unaware that our colleagues across town were ushering students out the door, starting at 9:30, when city inspectors declared a "live load" of snow made the building unsafe in certain areas.

Unsafe for students, at least. Our observations finished, we returned to campus for meetings and to finish out the contract day. My sub had a sweet gig: first period prep from 8:00-8:55, and 2nd period from 9:00 to 9:30. Not bad for a day's wages.

The Olympian sums up the state of affairs thusly:
On Monday night, Superintendent Bill Lahmann told the school board at its regular meeting that he plans to ask the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to waive four of the five days that Capital was closed this month because of the roof collapse.

Lahmann said that the damage to the school's roof would be covered under Gov. Chris Gregoire's proclamation of an emergency because of the severe winter storm that began on Dec. 15.

The fifth missed day would be made up on March 6, which was scheduled to be a district-wide training day for teachers.

All the schools in the district will make up the three school days canceled just before winter break because of snow fall at the end of the year. Olympia's last day of school is scheduled to be June 18.
Now it's all up to Randy Dorn's crew. Hurrah!

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