Feb 9, 2009

save the Naturopathic Advisory Committee!

Governor Gregoire wants to take a machete to the Advisory Boards that have cropped up, kudzu-like, all over the budget.
The move, which the Office of Financial Management says would save the state about $15 million over the next two years, includes cutting everything from the Ferry Advisory Committees to the Western State Hospital Advisory Board. The state currently has 470 boards and committees.
The list of 150 boards is available in pdf format here.

All well and good, except... the governor includes the Naturopathic Advisory Committee on the list, slated for the chopper by June of 2010.

In a year and a half, do you really want naturopaths running amok in Washington State? Do you?

Okay, so I kid. Really, why are we waiting until then? Cut it now, Governor. Same with the Organized Crime Advisory Board. The dons are doing fine on their own.

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