Jun 9, 2008

Jason Kuznicki's blog class, "Collectivism and Science Fiction"

I now have my summer reading mapped out. Jason Kuznicki has started a fantastic project:
Below is a mostly complete syllabus for “Collectivism and Science Fiction,” a blog-class that I plan on teaching over the next few months. I’ve added several works based both on your suggestions and on the need to give a more thorough introduction to collectivist social thought. I couldn’t include everything, and already the reading list is pushing the limits of a semester-length class.

If you want to follow the entire class closely, you may buy nearly all of the copyrighted works at the links provided. The public domain works available online have been linked directly.

I plan to tackle one work a week from the following list. Each will get an extended blog-essay treatment, and the various essays will build upon one another. Expect unplanned supplementals along the way, if I run into other things that might be worth discussing. Each post will be tagged with “Collectivism and Science Fiction” for reference. Please feel free to post comments, either beneath my posts or at your own blogs, and don’t be afraid to take the conversation wherever you like.
Check out the syllabus at the link.

I like the fact that it's thematic. It can be illuminating to discover connections that are sometimes missed in a chronological format. Also, I'm totally stoked to read We again.

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