May 31, 2008


Last night the Mike Dean Project, drumming provided by yours truly, played at yet another Elma Relay for Life. I'm guessing the event raised even more money than last year's--there seemed to be more people in attendance.

I save bacon fat from time to time. I fry eggs in it when I'm in a particularly cholesteroly mood. I did not know it could be sculpted, though. Yes. Sculpted.

The Mariners still suck. Only a few weeks 'til a fire sale, I swear.

Now that Melissa is mere days away from graduating, she and I have decided to wade into the housing market. If you are trying to unload a reasonably-priced domicile in the greater Olympia area, drop me a line.

Blog-neighbor Christina Watts has found a new home. (Love the punny title, too--"Justified Text." Clever.)

The tie is the sixth-to-last of the year.

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