May 30, 2008

principal and student caught plagiarizing

In the same graduation ceremony, no less.
Naperville Central High School Principal Jim Caudill isn’t the only one Naperville School District 203 is punishing for plagiarism.

During a Thursday afternoon press conference in which District 203 officials announced that Caudill would likely be “reassigned” due to his admitted transgression, Superintendent Alan Leis revealed that portions of the commencement address delivered by Central’s valedictorian also appear to be plagiarized.

Leis would not identify the valedictorian by name, but, in covering Central’s May 21 graduation ceremony, Central administrators reported that Steven “Hankong” Su was the valedictorian for Central’s class of 2008.
Someone will be exposed as a plagiarist somewhere in America each commencement season. It's a graduation tradition. [via Obscure Store]

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