Nov 24, 2007

Apple Cup prediction

Today marks one hundred years of Cascade Curtain rivalry. At 4:00, the Washington State University Cougars meet the University of Washington Huskies, at Husky Stadium, promising a healthy slice of nostalgia baked to a crisp.

Last Wednesday, a current Cougar student teacher asked me who I felt would win it. "UW," I said. "Locker's healthy, and WSU got stomped by Oregon State at home. Doesn't bode well for Cougs."

A glare cold as a Palouse blizzard. "Wrong answer, Anderson."

"Hey, I'm neutral," I said. (I somehow resisted saying "I don't have a dog in this fight.")

The glare iced over. "Even worse."

The Apple Cup: a century of bringing us together even as it tears us apart.

Huskies 31, Cougars 17.

Don't bet on sports.

Update: Don't bet on sports. Cougars 42, Huskies 35 in a wild one.


Aaron said...

I predict 42-35 to WSU

Jim Anderson said...

Nicely turned, Ex post facto Man!

Nuss said...


Should we remind the Huskies now that that's 3 of 4 Apple Cups and 5 basketball games in a row? You'd think it would get old, beating the Huskies, but strangely, it does not.