Nov 25, 2007

Hawks win too close for comfort

It wasn't pretty, but it was pretty exciting. Seattle's D held St. Louis to zero points in the second half, including a goal line stand in the final minute, as the Hawks scratched and bit their way to a 24-19 win over the Rams.

The game shouldn't have been close. The Hawks couldn't capitalize on key turnovers, Josh Brown missed a no-doubt field goal, and for a time, the Seattle O-line looked like it had never seen a blitz before. When Marc Bulger was knocked out with a concussion in the first half, it seemed like replacement Gus Frerotte could lead the team in his absence, as he hit 8 passes in a row, including a TD, giving the Rams a 19-7 halftime lead.

In the 3rd, though, Frerotte returned to form, missing passes, folding under pocket pressure, and throwing a crucial interception to Marcus Trufant that set up a Seattle comeback. Hasselbeck returned to form as well, throwing quick strikes or handing off to speedy Maurice Morris, who averaged over six per carry. Deion Branch's touchdown catch capped the drive, and the Hawks took the lead on a 4-yard Leonard Weaver TD run in the 4th.

But it wasn't done. Up 24-19 late, the Hawks tried to take an 8-point lead with a 52-yard field goal. Bad snap, and Brown missed again. The Rams took over on their own 45. The D seemed to be holding them, until a ticky-tack interference call put St. Louis on the 15 yard line with two minutes left.

This was ulcer time. On the road, this team has folded time and again, blowing late leads or late comebacks. But not today. On 4th and goal, Frerotte fumbled the snap. The Hawks took over, kneeled down, and escaped with a win.


Matthew Anderson said...

It was all about the O-Line's turnaround. It wasn't just about the blitz's--it was about getting enough push to open up some room for Morris.

I was at the game--sat way, way up (second row from the top). It was a lot of fun to see.

Jim Anderson said...

They finally figured out how to block--made a big difference. But the D! On the last 9 possessions for St. Louis, 1 interception, 7 punts, 1 turnover on downs. Wow.

(Hope you rooted for the Hawks.)