Sep 2, 2007

Tom Hill endorses Carolyn Barclift

Barclift, who is already endorsed by the Olympia Education Association, among others, today received Tom Hill's stamp of approval.
I wish to thank those who voted and expressed their confidence in my ability to represent in the race for Olympia School District Position 4 director....

Because of the important issues facing the district, difficult policy questions, budget restraints, and the need to establish priorities, I feel we need an individual who has the background, the experience and understanding of those issues to represent us.

The current school director, Carolyn Barclift has that experience. Carolyn Barclift desires to hear from those who support her, but equally from those who have different points of view. For the position of Olympia school director Position 4, I encourage you to support Carolyn Barclift.
Hill, if you recall, lost to Barclift and Lucy Gentry-Meltzer in the August 21 primary.

In my brief time speaking with him, I found Tom Hill to be a friendly, thoughtful man with an obvious passion for education. I encourage him to continue to participate in our local and state conversation--and to run again the next time the #4 seat is up for election.

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