Sep 2, 2007

lunatic fringe

Peter Wall has discovered a group that believes that the only Americans are... well... here's a passage from an interview he carefully transcribed.
Laura West: Yeah, this is called Title 4 Flag Says You’re Schwag! Your Simple Guide to Sovereignty and what “Title 4 Flag” means is, there’s, our country, America, has only one flag, and it’s of specific dimensions and proportions of colors and, and size of shapes and, um, so we know that this is our American flag and of our country, which has a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protects us. But the United States, which is a corporation, and is not the same thing as the fifty states—in America?—they have taken this flag and, and kinda made their own version of it, you know like, longer, you’ve seen different shapes and sizes of them, and some of them have a gold fringe around them and that’s not actually the American flag. Most of the flags you’ll see flying are not Title 4 flags, and so we’re teaching people the difference between that, and how to declare sovereignty, which means that you’re born in America, if you’re born in America, in one of the fifty states, then you’re considered a “native American,” and so we are teaching people how to know to claim that, because a lot of people know their rights but they don’t know how to claim that these rights even apply to them.
There's more, much more of this frothy concoction of schizoid paranoia and juvenile pranksterism.

In other news, thank God that Tackamarks still exists on the Internet Archive. No, let me write that again, punctuationally: Tackamarks! On the Internet Archive!

Oh, and let's not forget the dumbest photo of all time.


Anonymous said...

The individual that wrote this article is a victim of mind control a prapagandist and a fool.

Ms. West beat her case on appeal and is no recognized as "Sovereign" in Kansas with the Right to travel without license, tags or registration.

Anonymous said...

There is a typo in that comment that may cause some confusion.

it should read:

Ms. West beat her case on appeal and is now recognized as "Sovereign" in Kansas...

My apologies.