Sep 25, 2007

school board blogging

Not by me, but by Rich Nafziger, responding to the press release by Russ Lehman and Bob Shirley. (The upcoming school board election is turning into one of the more heated in recent memory, as at-odds Board members line up behind opposing candidates.)

On a more positive note, Nafziger also has thoughts on how to "make the best [district] better."

For the record, the OEA endorses Frank Wilson and Carolyn Barclift. I sat on the endorsement committee, interviewing Wilson and Barclift and their opponents, Jeff Nejedly and Lucy Gentry-Meltzer. The decision in each case was difficult--all seem like genuinely good people with a real desire to reach out to the community. We made our choice having no idea that we would get stuck in the middle of a crossfire between competing visions.

[Nafziger link via Emmett O'Connell]

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