Sep 25, 2007

National Board update, tacky tie, and other Tuesday miscellany

Last night at our National Board cohort meeting, as part of our monthly therapy, we teacher-students were asked to share our Good, Bad, and Ugly moments over the past couple weeks, and then to name our theme song. (Mine: the weird whistle score from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.") We spent the next two hours going over Entry 4, The Teacher as Learner, Leader, Collaborator, Community Member, Policymaker, World Pacifier, and Hostage Negotiator.

I came home at 9:00, relieved and exhausted. National Board seems less daunting every time I analyze it--and yet more time-consuming every time I sit down to work on it.

My goal is to finish by February.

Debate students came to practice for the first time this year. It mostly involved catching up on summer fun, laying out topics, updating contact information. We'll start the real work next week, when the new LD resolution arrives. Oh yeah: I'm also a debate coach.

Today I passed our new daytime lead custodian, who's been walking the campus circuit a lot more this week. "I'm going to lose this baby," he said, pointing to his gut.


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