Sep 26, 2007

blog solicits board race concerns

The Olympian's education blog asks:
We'll be writing more about the upcoming school board races this fall, and I'm curious about the issues that are on your mind. Do you see other issues influencing the races? What are the biggest issues facing the Olympia School District? Are you a parent, student, teacher, staff member or community resident with a stake in the election? I want to hear from you!

E-mail me at or post a comment on this blog. I'll publish a sampling here in the next few weeks.
I can already see the responses shaping up:

1. Math curriculum.
2. Budget woes.
3. Communication issues.
4. Equity across the district.

As a teacher, I'm most concerned about the budget process. I survived the last major RIF, and don't want to see younger teachers go through that again.

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