Jul 12, 2007

How to Cheat at Everything

How to Cheat at Everything is a guide to cheating at cards, dice, and any other game of chance. It's also a guide to carnival cons, street cons, hustles, flim-flams, bunco games, and the like. It's not as exhaustive as (the hard-to-find) Encyclopedia of Hoaxes and Scams, but it's got enough to keep you "with it."

In the Amazon comments, one reader notes,
This book was a gift to a cheating expert...Never opened it myself, since I am an honest dude....
But that entirely misses the point. The real cons already know the score. You should read the book so you don't fall prey, whether through gullibility or greed.

One wishes the book had a better editor--possessives don't get their requisite apostrophes, and spelling errors abound. But the book's greatest value is informational. At very least, it'll make you never, ever want to gamble again.

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TheTachyix said...

I heard a podcast interview with the author, who more or less out right said that real cons don't even break the law. The best way to ensure never being swindled is becoming a paranoid recluse who operates entirely by bartering and grand gesticulations.