Jul 11, 2007

8 random facts about Jim Anderson

This Jim Anderson, that is, and not some other one. (We are many.)

1. While in college, I wrote and directed a reworked fifth act of Romeo and Juliet. Thankfully, this occurred in the days before YouTube. I learned precisely how amateur actors can screw up a work of genius.

2. I can't swim. I don't want to learn, either.

3. In high school, I wrote a short story in the style of Stephen Crane. A slacker girl stole it from me and tried to pass it off as her own. Her English teacher was not fooled.

4. If you ask really nicely, I'll do the "Stitch" voice or the "Gollum" voice. They're almost identical. ("Really nicely" involves at least a five spot.)

5. A couple years ago, my dad and I were competing in a drawing exercise for (the greatest board game ever) Cranium. The word: division. With our eyes closed and absolutely no communication, we both drew halves of a circle, pointing to the gap between them. Coincidence or genetics?

6. I have never had a pet of any kind.

7. I once suffered through a horrible stretch where I couldn't smell--and consequently, taste--for about six weeks. When those senses returned, I tried to celebrate by downing my favorite beverage, Pepsi. It tasted awful. It took me years to enjoy Pepsi again. It was one of the profoundest existential crises of my life.

8. I have a bad whistling habit. When my older sister is around, sometimes we whistle in harmony.

Thanks to Mark Olson and Håkan Rosén for tagging me. I refuse to tag others, per principle. If you wish to, obligate yourself.

Want more random Jim Anderson facts? Go here. I swear, memes make up half the known blogosphere.

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