Dec 30, 2006

more top ten lists

Just in case you weren't satisfied with the last offering. I may even add more later.

Moira Macdonald's ten favorite films of 2006.
It includes "Shakespeare Behind Bars," which is simply outstanding. Haven't seen "The Prestige." Really want to.

New Scientist's Year in Biology and Medicine.
Not really a top ten list. Illuminating recap, though it should be titled "The Year in Health."

The Onion's Best DVD I Watched This Year and Least Essential Albums of 2006
I've seen three Haneke films (Cache, In the Time of the Wolf, and Funny Games) and yet I still want to see his other work, all because of The Onion.

World Science's most popular stories of 2006. [via email]
1. “Missing link” walking-fish fossils awe scientists
2. First cancer vaccine approved
3. Claim of reversed human evolution sparks skepticism, interest
4. Dolphins may “name” themselves
5. One universe or many? A panel debates
6. Study: red wine substance extends life, counteracts bad diet
7. Skepticism greets claim of possible alien microbes
8. Oldest known ritual: python worship, archaeologist says
9. Drastic speedup in Arctic melting forecast
10. Human, chimp lineages interbred after splitting, study suggests

Dahlia Lithwick's 10 Most Outrageous Civil Liberties Violations.
Only the ones you've actually heard about. (Added 12/30.)

The Olympian's Top Stories of 2006
The Weather is number one. The Spar is number ten. Click through to see what comes in the middle. (Added 12/31)

Top Ten Past Torture Methods
Actually, a search term that led to this site. I'm guessing the Iron Maiden camps in the top five, but I have no idea where to place The Rack, especially since Gumby is immune. (Added 12/31)

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