Dec 29, 2006

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: Day 60

MagicFan101 writes,
Ok, I believe everyone here can agree that our number one weakness offensivly is 3-pt shooting. So why the **** does Brian Hill place both JJ Redick and Travis Diener on the inactive list? Why? So that he has a roster spot for the amazing Pat Garrity? Don't get me wrong, Pat has been an important piece to this team for a while now but come on he is way past his limited prime....its time to let the young guys get the bench minutes at least.
No bench minutes needed, as the Magic lost--and dropped out of first--to the Wizards.

Meanwhile, Adam Morrison, shooting only 1 for 15, wasn't enough to keep Charlotte from beating the Lakers, 133-124. In triple overtime.

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