Oct 15, 2006

news from the sporting world

Around here, it's been a weekend of celebrations--a 50th wedding anniversary, a 30-something birthday--and, concurrently, bizarre sporting events. Some highlights:

1. The unbelievable Miami-FIWho? brawl.
Nobody wants to be a role model. Nobody.

2. The BCS placing USC second.
Computers lie. USC is oh-ver-ray-ted. If you can't stomp Arizona State in your own house on national television, you're not even gonna beat Oregon, never mind streaking Cal. Sorry, Booty.

3. The Seahawks' last-second Josh Brown 54-yarder to win it in St. Louis.
With Shaun Alexander and Bobby Engram and Jerramy Stevens sidelined, with a secondary as porous as Bill O'Reilly's loofah, the Hawks looked like they were going to lose again in uproarious fashion. Somehow, though, Bulger's 360 (!) yards weren't enough, and a late Mo-Mo fumble didn't destroy the Seahawks' comeback.

4. The Mets steamrolling back in game 4.
Bad managing: bases loaded, left vs. right, no outs. Right happens to be Carlos Delgado, who has already homered. La Russa keeps in Hancock, who has already given up two singles and a walk to load 'em up. Delgado hits a ground-rule double, Hancock stays in to walk one more batter, and the rest is all Mets.

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