Oct 16, 2006

good computer lab etiquette

Are you a teacher signing up for the computer lab? Then read this list of suggestions before you do. You'll make everyone else in the building happy.

1. Sign up in advance.
Don't just show up. We're already here. Sorry.

2. Don't sign up for two weeks at a time.
What kind of lesson plan requires ten straight days in the computer lab? Are you insane? Are your students that technologically inept? Are you?

3. Make sure your students log out when they leave.

If you don't, someone else will monkey with their desktop background. That someone will be me.

4. Clean up your crap.
First, there shouldn't be any food in the lab. Somehow it magically appears next to the keyboard, though, after your darlings have disappeared at the bell. Instead of standing there, dumbfounded, clean it up. If you weren't making sure they were responsible, then you're responsible. Deal with it.

5. Go for a trial run before your "real" lesson.
Make sure everyone can log on, knows what software to use, has all the passwords they need. This will save you grief. Trust me.

6. Call the tech person and warn him / her you're using the lab.
The tech might come down to help you out. If there's time. (No tech? Bad school district! Bad!)

7. If you sign up for a day, go.
Nothing irks me more than an empty lab that's been "reserved." I had to adjust my lessons because you had big computer eyes and a small computer stomach. Your reservation is a sacred oath.

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