May 25, 2011

final budget: not the worst of the worst

For this post, I'm not going to focus on the budget deal now heading for the Senate, which includes a 1.9% pay cut for teachers, which was expected, but not the worst case scenario. We won't know the impact in the Olympia School District until the Board adopts its budget, slated to take place June 28th, although we'll probably soon get an update from District officials.

Instead, without comment, I'm going to zoom in on this bit of behind-the-scenes reportage:
"You go on adrenaline," Dunshee said, noting there were no catered dinners. "You sort of forage around the building looking for something. You find some old Girl Scout cookies or granola bars."

Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, said he can tell lawmakers are ready to go home. "People are flipping out over different things ... People are exhausted," he said. "I'm so tired it kind of scares me."


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling regarding the wait. I too am in limbo until we know more from WSU leadership. I don't know if I will have a 3% pay cut, or 100%, though I've been told I'm safe enough.

I've only now really started thinking about what I'm going to cut back to recover the 3% (plus all the inflation in fuel and food). At least I'm not looking forward to another two years of double-digit tuition increases (by 2013, tuition at Washington State University will have more than doubled what it was in 2005).

Jim Anderson said...

You can add increased health care costs, if you want to become even more cynical.