Apr 29, 2010

in the works

All's quiet around these parts, a little patch of doldrums in an otherwise turbulent universe. Why I'm not blogging muchly:

1. Capital's ongoing discussion about the relative merits of the IB program, and whether it's worth dropping in favor of AP, for financial and other reasons, is taking up much of my time and intellectual resources. (If you're interested, I'm in favor of keeping IB, beefing up our course offerings, and working hard to recruit more students into the program. In the end, though, the decision isn't up to me.)

2. The topics for the National Forensic League national tournament--in tangy Kansas City--won't be released until Saturday. I'll be blogging about LD because that's what I do, and will be helping my PuFo team research in preparation for the trip.

3. A strange fundraising opportunity will be arriving shortly. I can't share any details yet, but I will say that I wish I would've caved sooner.

4. The Stanley Cup playoffs are better than I imagined possible. In HD, anyway.

5. The connection between #3 and #4 will make sense, eventually.


Matthew Anderson said...

I presume in #1 you mean "worth dropping in favor of AP"?

Also, KC is awesome. Shoot me an email and let me know when you'll be there. Maybe my wife and I could swing over to grab some BBQ with you while in town (it's a quick four hour trip, and her grandparents live there).

Also, much intrigued by 3 and hoping it leads to more consistent writing.



Jim Anderson said...

Fixed it, thanks.

And #3 is not what you think it is, I can almost guarantee.