Jun 11, 2009

Capital sends out the grads

Tonight's graduation ceremony was efficient--an hour and three quarters--and enjoyable. The band rolled through "Pomp and Circumstance" nine times as grads gave staff members high-fives while marching in. The choir warbled in English and Latin. The student speaker, Emily Milburn, recounted the good, crazy, and crazy good times of the unforgettably snowy year. The faculty speaker, CHS alum and math wizard Scott LaViollette, gave the graduates an equation for success. (Hint: it's not nearly as simple as Euler's identity--and it's on the test. Everything's on the test now.)

The class of '09 was the first class I saw go all the way through, evolving from peppy freshmen to wizened seniors. Tonight I got to say goodbye/goodluck to maybe a quarter of the students I knew, and bumped into the older siblings of another ten percent, former students crashing the community colleges, pounding out degrees in geology, or still trying to figure out the future.

All in all, a fantastic night, exciting and hopeful. I'm glad I could go.

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