Jun 12, 2009

Birmingham bound: for reals

Tomorrow I'm headed to Birmingham, Alabama for the "Stars Fell on Alabama" National Forensic League tournament. Two of Capital's stars, Vamsi Chunduru and Cameron Seib, will compete in Public Forum debate. They're sophomores, so I'm floored that they're even going. It's gonna be fun.

So far, it's been a crazy day of preparation. After a school day full of presentations, songs, tacky ties, and heartfelt goodbyes, I spent four hours prepping my sub plans and writing exams, interrupted by the news that one Western WA school had dropped, and messed up our hotel arrangements. It made for a rather frantic series of emails and phone calls--but at least it's fixed.

Right now I'm printing out itineraries and maps and boarding passes, and hoping for a relatively boring travel day.

See you in Birmingham.


Nancy said...

Have a great trip!

TeacherRefPoet said...

Have fun! I'd love to hear what national PuFo sounds like in your estimation when you get a chance.