Apr 18, 2009

random things that drunks ask

1. You gonna finish those fries?
2. Are you laughing as much as I'm laughing?
3. What happened to my goldfish food?
4. What's that smell?
5. Is that me?
6. Which way to the bathroom?
7. What's this genie doing in my beer bottle?
8. Who won the World Series tomorrow?
9. Why does this taste like grass?
10. Is Jesus in the phone book?
11. How much you want for those shoelaces?
12. Is this a split infinitive or a dangling modifier?
13. Whatever happened to Circuit City?
14. Really, man, which way to the bathroom?
15. Why does this toilet paper package have a puppy on it?
16. Did you see that?
17. Is it hot in here, or is... the thermostat... me... ... ?
18. What was the name of that one hot girl who sat behind me in choir class, you know, in high school?
19. ?!
20. Will Dr. Phil and Oprah ever get back together?
21. When did it stop raining?
22. Could you hold this while I try on a cape?
23. Have you seen my escargot?
24. Do you ever get the feeling that we're all like insects in some gigantic terrarium?
25. Who did your tiling?

[161st in a series]


Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of more than one from that list.

However, some of them are legitimate questions. Like number 24. I often wonder that even when I'm sober.

Jim Anderson said...

Hence the saying, "In vino veritas," I suppose.