Apr 24, 2009

Olympia School District RIF update: April 24

Since yesterday's budget announcement, the situation on the ground appears to have changed, likely for the better. From another District RIF update email:
Earlier today the legislative leadership released a preliminary state budget proposal. Although it continues to contain significant cuts to K-12 education, in combination with other proposed legislation to be considered this weekend, the state budget proposal appears to be better than the worst case planning scenario.

As a result we will not be issuing RIF notices next week and there will be no 4:00 email containing a RIF number.

We will be watching the legislature closely as they complete their work on the state budget. Until the state budget is finalized, we are not certain as to what extent a reduction in force may be necessary. If needed, we will re-schedule the RIF meetings as indicated in our earlier communications.
Looks like the pre-RIF notice I received in today's mail is already obsolete.

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