Apr 23, 2009

close to the worst case

The Senate and House compromise budget is ready for debate in both houses.

Should it pass, and be signed by Governor Gregoire... well, let's just say it isn't the worst case scenario, but it's close.

According to Gregoire's proposed budget, last year the state spent 732.9 million on Initiative 728; The Olympian says the compromise budget slashes $600 million from "class size funding," which I presume to mean I-728.

82% gone.

In the Olympia School District, that would equate to roughly $3.25 million. The District had estimated that the worst case scenario, a $3.7 million cut, could require the elimination of 37.5 FTEs, or full time equivalencies--teaching positions. A little math, and the current estimate falls a bit to 33.

This is highly speculative and subject to change. I'm emailing Jim Crawford to find out if my estimates are based on correct assumptions. If I'm wrong, I'll be sure to correct this post.

I really hope I'm wrong.

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