Mar 26, 2009

what I did today

1. Today I encouraged students to write in a fresh way: to abandon punctuation, or to embrace it with inexplicable passion. It massively disrupted their thinking, and led to insightful discussions and some darn clever pieces.

2. I have several students who, whenever we're blogging or researching things online, almost literally have to be dragged away from Google Maps. The lure of nostalgia is too strong. I thought I was immune until today, when I buckled and spent five minutes virtually walking through the streets of White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Memories surge back, and yet they're thin, missing the smells and sounds and textures of the place, which I suppose I'd have to recover by actually going there.

3. My NCAA brackets are just about completely gone. (Don't pick a team that can't shoot free throws. Don't pick a team that can't shoot free throws!) I watched them implode this evening. After Mizzou's performance, I have high hopes for Gonzaga. They are irrational and I accept them as such.

4. My urge to immortalize the tournament in verse, however, is as strong as ever. The Muse crouches at the door.

5. Today I received my first official 30th birthday present, over a week late.

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Captain Princess said...


Also, I got your gifts days late, but I kept them.