Mar 18, 2009

it's not a debate if you don't invite actual debaters

This sounds like quality television--which is to say, horrifyingly, shockingly bad debate:
The debate over whether Satan exists is hardly going to be settled in a 30-minute television show.

But that's not stopping a rather curious lineup from debating that question for ABC's "Nightline."

The debaters: megachurch Pastor Mark Driscoll of Seattle; alternative-medicine author Deepak Chopra; a former Las Vegas escort who founded Hookers for Jesus; and a former Pentecostal preacher who was branded a heretic for saying everyone — not just Christians — could go to heaven.
This is why the word "stultifying" was invented. Says the producer:
"We went for the most interesting voices we could find," Goldston said.
Really? Hugo Chavez wasn't available?

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