Mar 19, 2009

fashion rules for teachers and school administrators

Ignore these at your peril, teachers and administrators.

Compliments of an office student aide.
1. No dress shirts / ties with cargo pants.

2. NO cowboy boots under any circumstances.

3. No navy blue + black together.

4. NO school fleece vest with nice clothes.

5. No "Ferrari" shoes.

6. NO purple velvety shirts. EVER.

7. No tucking your glasses into your shirt!
Thankfully, I have never violated any of these. Nor been tempted to.


Anonymous said...

What if its Cowboy/Night at the Roxbury dat? Acceptable to wear a cowboy boots and a purple velvety shirt?

Jim Anderson said...

If your school has a Cowboy/Night at the Roxbury day, stay home sick.