Feb 27, 2009

rubrics for evaluating delivery

My students are learning aspects of effective public speaking. Today, they gave group mini-presentations on the "rules of happiness." (Context: we've been reading philosophically-minded literature, talking about existentialism and eudaimonia and free will.)

How it works: each student speaks for about 45-60 seconds on their preferred rule. As they talk, two others in the audience, rubrics in hand, watch and listen, writing comments on vocal quality / fluency and nonverbal communication. (For example, if Jolene is speaking, Charlie's listening for vocal quality, and Danielle's looking at nonverbal communication.)

After all the speeches are done, students receive immediate feedback, and then reflect on the process in their journals. I collect the rubrics, and use them to shape further instruction.

I've included the rubrics for those interested in trying something similar. My students report that the categories (and descriptors) gave them a better sense of what to evaluate, allowing them more specific and honest feedback.

Nonverbal communication rubric.

Vocal quality / fluency rubric.

Let me know if you have any trouble opening the files.

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