Feb 20, 2009

hard questions to ask a girl

Anyone can ask easy questions. But you want tough questions, questions that will dazzle your date.

Each question will be rated from 1-10, 1 being easiest. Context will be provided as well, so you can employ the question at the right time.

For ultimate success, practice! Try these on someone you know and trust.

Question: What are the last four digits of your social security number?
Difficulty: 2
Context: Opener.

Question: When eating broccoli, it okay to stick with just the florets?
Difficulty: 4
Context: Opener.

Question: What's your take on the whole "dark matter / dark energy" controversy?
Difficulty: 4
Context: Opener. If she offers any kind of answer other than "huh?" she's a keeper.

Question: Should people be held morally responsible for their avatars' behavior?
Difficulty: 5
Context: Raise this query anytime between first meeting online and first meeting in person.

Question: Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?
Difficulty: 5
Context: When s/he opens the door.

Question: Will bees survive the menace of Colony Collapse Disorder?
Difficulty: 6
Context: As you hand over the flowers.

Question: Do mathematical truths exist on their own ontological plane?
Difficulty: 7
Context: On the way to the restaurant. Mind you, only if you're driving. You wouldn't want the distraction otherwise.

Question: If we perchance should breed, and our children turn out rotten, should we mostly blame our bad genetic combination or our poor parenting skills?
Difficulty: 9
Context: Wait until dessert.

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Anonymous said...

This is genius. But I'm surprised there wasn't a debate question. Something like "What theory shell do you like more-- education or fairness?"

Jim Anderson said...

And the preferred response, "I deny your false dichotomy," which means there's sure to be a second date.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dude, but none of these questions would dazzle you're date. These questions are great if you were still in high school.

Anonymous said...

ahha this is really good thanks