Dec 28, 2008

a weekend of delights in Vancouver

My wife and I spent a weekend in Vancouver. (The real one, Mom.) Although I'm still irked by shabby treatment from a 20th-century behemoth unable to cope with a 21st century world, the trip as a whole was relaxing, weird, and fun.

Some highlights:

1. The Vancouver Giants' victory over Prince George in WHL action. Photos arriving later.

2. Bin 941. Top-notch tapas. We filled up with habanero mussels, cinnamon-rubbed flank steak with pommes frites, fry bread, and chocolate torte.

3. Joe's Grill (on Davie). Friendly, fast, cheap. Breakfast was so good, we went there twice in two days.

4. Robson Street: Lush and slush.

5. The Vancouver Art Gallery.

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