Dec 19, 2008

the preview in review

Last December, among other things, I made ten predictions for 2008. Let's see how I did.
National Board certification: done--maybe even passed
Indeed. And, if the Governor's budget comes through, I'll still have my National Board bonus next year--provided I still have a job.
The Celtics: NBA champs.
This was an easy one. They're looking championship-worthy again, with a ridiculous 25-2 start.
Melissa's college degree: attained.
She got a job, too, which is nice, considering that degree comes with an extra added bonus of college debt.
CHS Cougar football: state-bound.
Right again. We lost in the semifinal to eventual champion Bellevue. (No one was going to stop Bellevue.)
Rubik's Cube The Movie: in development.
Not yet. Wait for it.
Late-breaking cold: conquered.
Alas, this was, as I'm sure I must have known, to be a temporary victory.
Tom Tancredo: retired.
Right again, thankfully.
The Mariners: less moribund.
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ahem. Ahahahahahahahaha....
The school year: awesome.
Oh, yeah.
Time: dilated.
Sure seems that way.

More prognostications forthcoming, as always, when the next installment of the world's greatest top ten list comes out. Stay tuned.

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