Oct 18, 2008

can USC score 100 points against the Cougs?

They're playing Washington State this afternoon, a week after the Cougars ceded 63 to Oregon State. (Wazzu has given up 233 points in 4 Pac-10 matches!) I'd say the Trojans' chance of passing the century mark is around 50%.

Anyone wanna bet a can of Cougar Gold cheese on a miraculous upset?

Update: 69-0, the first shutout in 280-odd games for Washington State, and perhaps a fitting way to end the streak: in abject and utter humiliation.


TeacherRefPoet said...

The most recent touchdown means that Pac-10 opponents are now averaging over 60 points against the Cougs.


Jim Anderson said...

And now the Cougs are averaging a 52-point deficit in the Pac-10. Whee!

Aaron said...

you were proposing a bet... on sports?