Aug 19, 2008

a commment and a correction

A reader writes,
Dear Jim,

I found your blog when looking up the senior community Cascara At The Villages. Not to live at, but to laugh at. I have a book, Ethnobotany of Western Washington, and the Quinault word for Cascara translates as "have bowel movement". When I hear the ads on KING-FM end with "There's always something to do at Cascara," I add "and it's usually number two."

August 1, you claimed to be a living human being, not a spammer, stating some body parts as evidence. I defy you to have a tibula, unless you have an ancient village on Sardinia, or maybe it's a fusion of the tibia and the fibula. Please post the appropriate map or x-ray. BTW, it's a lost village, so good luck.

For extra credit, take the Skeleton Quiz, noting the answers to questions 18 and 19.

Steve Kirkpatrick, DDS
As I wrote back to Steve, my seventh-grade science teacher, the one who made us memorize every bone, would be ashamed of my egregious conflation of the tibia and fibula. Sorry, Mr. Seaberg, and thanks for noticing, Dr. Kirkpatrick.

At least it's further evidence that to err is human. Which proves I'm human.

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