Jul 7, 2008

today's might links

1. You might have to learn a few new words:
Many of the new entries reflect the nation's growing interest in the culinary arts, including prosecco (a sparkling Italian wine) and soju (a Korean vodka distilled from rice). Others define new technology or products, such as infinity pool - an outdoor pool with an edge designed to make water appear to flow into the horizon.
2. If you're an English teacher, you might be dismayed to read this:
In the four minutes it probably takes to read this review, you will have logged exactly half the time the average 15- to 24-year-old now spends reading each day. That is, if you even bother to finish.
3. In tennis, at least, sheer might won't suffice:
This year's results aren't a sign that power no longer matters in the men's game; one look at Nadal's arms would dispel any such notion. It's more that power in tennis today is largely manifested defensively; thanks to high-tech rackets and weight training, the best players can now hit shots on the run with incredible pace, depth, and spin, immediately placing them back on the offensive.
4. The headline is enough: "Wasps use parasitic mites as baby bodyguards."

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Aaron said...

you might want to buy one of these... They are amazing