Jul 30, 2008

the "GOP Party" makes a show of force

We interrupt this summer blog hiatus for a brief Washington State Top 2 Primary Voter's Pamphlet update. Highlights include:
  1. A great batch of quixotic candidates, details soon.
  2. A motto that recalls the fun we had in 2004: "I vote, I count," thanks to 4th grader Gabriella Spring, still too young for cynicism.
  3. The Republicans who quit the Republican party, preferring the "G.O.P" Party instead. In order of appearance: Dino Rossi, Jim Wiest, Jim McCune, Richard DeBolt, Gary Alexander, and Randy Neatherlin. Getting the wrong memo, Herb Baze "prefers R party."*
  4. Our own Brendan Williams, blazing a new trail and starting his own "Progressive Democrat Party."**

Update: Among the GOP Party ranks in districts far from mine: Larry Ishmael, Mike Novak, Kelly White, Mark Schoesler, Steve Hailey, Norma Smith, David M. Morris ("prefers Cut Taxes G.O.P. Party"), Keith Ljunghammar (same), Bill Hinkle, Thomas Thomas (the redundancy two-fer), Jan Angel, Dave Dooley, Alex Rion, Todd Gibson, Tan Lam, Leslie Bloss, Steve Litzow, Larry Countryman, and, avoiding redundancy, Gordon Allan Pross ("prefers Grand Old Party").

*Dan Kristiansen got it, too.
**Fellow trailblazer Hue Beattie prefers the "True Democratic Party."

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