Jun 3, 2008

to sleep, perchance to sleep

3:40 in the morning. Melissa punches me. "Did you turn off the alarm?" she asks.

"No," I mumble. As she scrambles to get ready for her 4:00 Starbuck shift, I grumble and try to sleep again. I reset the alarm for 6:15, and toss about for the next half hour before drifting away.

7:00. I punch myself. "Did I turn off the alarm?" I ask. "Must have."

As I scramble to get ready for the school day, I mumble an apology to no one in particular, and wonder how and why my brain could have, quite unconsciously, turned off the alarm twice in the same morning.

No time to shower, shave, or read the morning news. Barely time to fix coffee and breakfast. Just enough time to throw on today's tie. No time to run through Romeo and Juliet, Act III, for today's Shakespeare Challenge. It shows: twelve students stump me, a record.

Otherwise, it's been a very pleasant day.

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