Jun 2, 2008

Capital gets a visit from the accreditation team

As I was scrambling to get my senior writing class settled in the computer lab, the accreditation man appeared, out of the void, and stood at my side, watching the class, filing away mental notes. He wore a floral tie, a navy blue suit, and a serious look.

"This is an English course?" he asked. Uh-huh.

"Where'd you earn your degree?" Master's in teaching from Evergreen.

"How long've you been teaching here?" Six years.

"Did you see the article this morning about the WASL not being the hurdle we thought it would? Something like six students in the district aren't passing?" I thought, See it? I'm going to blog about it. I said, well, it's not too surprising, since math was no longer included. But I'm more concerned with the dropout rate. It's never specifically addressed in the article, and, I fear, gets short shrift in state discussions.

He nodded. He stood for a while, then left, off to another class.

I wondered if I made the grade.

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