Jun 14, 2008

three commencements in five days

It's a new personal best. Capital's on Tuesday the 10th, Evergreen's yesterday, and Western's this morning.

Congratulations, respectively: to the entire CHS class of '08, to my officially smart wife Melissa, and to bro-in-law Russell Pendergraft. I've seen how hard you've worked--especially Melissa--and you've earned every privilege that comes with a diploma. And probably some that don't.

Memo to Evergreen: sure, anyone can join your choir. I get that. But why should anyone get a solo? Seriously. Like bagpipes in a blender.

Question to James Loewen: whenever you invent a portmanteau, make sure each half means what you think it means.

Note to the weather: thank you.

To everyone else: I'll be back to full blogging strength as soon as Tuesday's done.

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