Jun 10, 2008

light in-district blogging

Sorry--last night's Senior Awards kept me from the Board Meeting where, apparently, Carolyn Barclift was lightning-fast with the gavel. (Word to The Olympian: they're not "pleas." Constituents make demands or requests. They shouldn't have to beg.)

Tonight's graduation at Saint Martin's keeps me from posting my open letter to the Board--guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

See you then.

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Carla said...

In talking with a teacher today out at the ballpark, it struck me what a shame it is that although technically no budget has been adopted, the moves with teachers have already occurred. In a sense, the Board's hands have been tied with respect to saving teaching positions. Yes, the board can choose to cut from other areas and save FTE's, but bodies have already been moved from schools. So, should the board now choose to do so, the district is in the unfortuate position of having to hire for lost positions. It's pretty late in the game I am told to be picking up great teachers for fall 2008. End result, students and schools lose.