Jun 10, 2008

Capital's graduation: farewell and amen

A compact, efficient, yet moving ceremony this evening at Saint Martin's, as 283 Capital seniors walked away with diplomas in hand and lessons in heart.

Highlights were the senior percussion group, who played "Samba Classico," and the uplifting speeches by teacher Dale Knuth and student Patrick Molohon. Knuth, giving his sixth and final graduation speech before leaving CHS for sunnier climes, railed against the stupidity of fanatical testing, and called for hope and compassion. A couple typical Knuthisms:
Capital values diversity. As you can see, I'm here as the token knucklehead.

Who really gains from all this testing? The #2 pencil makers. Someday they'll rule the world.
Molohon called upon the seniors to be "successful human beings," people of honor and integrity who serve others. Both speakers earned standing ovations.

All in all, a fine commencement. And, thanks to some fine detective work, hardly any shenanigans.

Ties were provided by graduating seniors: Mikaela Cox gave me the incredibly shiny golden fingerprint of the gods, while Jill Mauerman donated the modernist canvas on a cravat.

Update: The Olympian has quotes from several students, plus a list of the entire rogue's gallery.

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